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Yes We Can Peacebuilders is dedicated to the education of individuals and communities on the path to nonviolence so as to inspire and engage people to make nonviolent living a part of their everyday lives.


We envision a culture of peace in a community that fosters respect for all individuals, collaborating to eliminate economic discrimination, poverty, homelessness, racial and sexual discrimination, stereotyping, harassment, bullying, gangs, killing, war, and environmental degradation.

Morro Bay Gets a Peace Proclamation

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Peace Prevails at the Del Mar Peacekeepers Sunshine Spreaders Thanks to Sponsoring by Morro Bay Rotary Club


Ruth Ann Angus

Ten 4th graders at the Del Mar Elementary School of Morro Bay, CA welcomed me on November 2nd to tell me about their new club the “Sunshine Spreaders.” Wearing lanyards inscribed with the words Del Mar Peacekeepers they told me they have the desire to “change the world.” After seeing the Peace Picket that I brought along with me as a gift to the group, they decided they would like to construct more of them to sell as a Holiday Project. With help from the Rotary Club of Morro I ordered in all the supplies for them to make up 24 Peace Pickets and they got busy!


Susan Stephens, their faculty coordinator said the kids had a blast doing this and it is evident from the results of the brightly painted and decorated pickets. Sales have been brisk since they set up a table in the lobby of the school and now plans are to keep this peace project going even after the holiday season. Hopes are to blanket Morro Bay (and maybe other towns too) with a Peace Picket in every yard.

Celebrating International Peace Day

2023 International Peace Day and Peace Action Week takes place in Morro Bay, California on Friday, September 22nd with a youth program at Kids Club at 4 PM. About 40 children, ages five through nine in this after school program will learn about their Basic Human Rights, why Rotary lives by Service Before Self, and then will join together to design a Blanket of Peace that can be made into a quilt to be given away to a needy boy or girl who may be going to sleep at night without a warm blanket.

On Saturday, September 23rd at 11 AM at the Estero Bay Methodist Church a program of peace and nonviolence will occur to celebrate peace in our communities. Centering our talks around the United Nations Peace Day theme of ACTIONS FOR PEACE, we will talk about Truth, Together, and Polarization to find our common bond in our neighborhoods. Then good news about the new Central Coast Center for Ecological Civilization will be the topic. If you are on the Central Coast on this day, please join us! We will end our celebration with a sing-along with the award winning Uke Ladies!

Estero Bay Methodist Church is at 3000 Hemlock Avenue, Morro Bay, CA.

On the Air Podcast
Kindness Coalition 1.jpg

In December 2017 Bobby DeLancelotti established the Estero Bay Kindness Coalition to serve children in schools who most vulnerable due to food insecurity. Working through the school system he was able to find the nearly 70% of children going to Del Mar Grammar School in Morro Bay that were living at or below the poverty line. Forming partnerships with other non-profits, for profits, churches, and schools he began the Got Your Back food program that supplied nutritional food for kids on weekends when they did not have the benefit of the school lunch program. The foods were packed into backpacks that were discreetly delivered to the kids to take home. After one year, eight schools participated. A sponsorship program was established whereby donors can sponsor a child for as little as $20 a week, $40 a month or $380 for a school year. Another program began when the pandemic hit and the schools closed. Bags of Love was then created and food was delivered to the homes of needy families. Bags of Love delivers two bags of protein rich meals, snacks, and fruit and a bag of fresh produce weekly. Bobby's wife Denise began Sunshine and Seed a Kids Clothing Collective where kids and their families can come to obtain free clothes. This program offers new underwear, socks, and pajamas and gently used outerwear. The Estero Bay Kindness Coalition now serves over 170 families with their food and clothing programs. Click on the photo to access the podcast.


It Starts With the Will to Make a Difference

A Peace Proclamation for Morro Bay, CA


On September 11, 2018,Yes We Can Peacebuilders accepted a proclamation of peace and nonviolence from the mayor and city council of Morro Bay, California establishing Morro Bay as a Nonviolent City. In September 2022 a second peace proclamation from the current mayor and city council was accepted by Peacebuilders strengthening the City of Morro Bay's dedication to peace and nonviolence through the Nonviolent City Project. The Nonviolent City Project is a grassroots movement that organizes strategy for activists to work for the transformation of their community into a peaceful, nonviolent city. This is a shift in consciousness to work holistically with every sector of the city to establish a culture of peace.

International Peace Day
Kids from the Childrens Center at EBUMC around the peace pole.jpg

Every year we join with national and international groups to celebrate International Peace Day.  Here youngsters from Children's Center preschool join hands around the peace pole.


Giving a Speech

Workshops and Talk Around the Table discussion groups are offered on the Central Coast of California. Click on the picture to go to the Workshops and Training Page.

Yes We Can Peacebuilders imparts nonviolent principles as related by Mohandas Gandhi and Martin Luther King, Jr.  Please check out our page SATYA to read our monthly newsletters.


For more information on nonviolence study workshops and discussion groups email

Yes We Can Peacebuilders supports social justice and humanitarian organizations in nonviolence actions.

What's Happening Now.. 

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World Peace
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