Celebrating International Peace Day in Morro Bay 2021


Yes We Can Peacebuilders is dedicated to the education of individuals and communities on the path to nonviolence so as to inspire and engage people to make nonviolent living a part of their everyday lives.


We envision a culture of peace in a community that fosters respect for all individuals, collaborating to eliminate economic discrimination, poverty, homelessness, racial and sexual discrimination, stereotyping, harassment, bullying, gangs, killing, war, and environmental degradation.


It Starts With the Will to Make a Difference



Every year we join with national and international groups to celebrate International Peace Day. The above video is from our September 21, 2019 Peace Picnic in the Park event. Covid 19 kept us indoors for 2020 but we produced eight videos shown online covering a variety of nonviolence themes. We invite you to view them on our SATYA page in the October issue on the last page. For 2021 we returned with masks on to celebrate once again in the park at Morro Bay, CA. We hope you will join us from wherever you live on September 21, 2022!


The Nonviolent Cities Project is a grassroots movement and organizing strategy for activists to work locally for the transformation of their community into a peaceful nonviolent city, as Martin Luther King, Jr. envisioned it. Morro Bay, California joined the Nonviolent Cities Project on September 11, 2018 with a proclamation from the Mayor and City Council.


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Yes We Can Peacebuilders supports peace and nonviolence education and peaceful protest done in a positive manner! Plans for 2022 are to begin to establish a nonviolence study center on the Central Coast of California. More information coming soon!


Giving a Speech

Discussion groups have been on hiatus during the Covid 19 Pandemic but hope to resume soon. In the meantime we recommend online workshops offered by Pace e Bene/Campaign Nonviolence. A link to their site is above.

Yes We Can Peacebuilders imparts nonviolent principles as related by Mohandas Gandhi and Martin Luther King, Jr.  Please check out our page SATYA to read our monthly newsletters. For more information on nonviolence study email

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"Act as if what you do makes a difference. It does"

William James

World Peace
Yes We Can Peace Builders


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