Audience at UCC John Dear Talk 3-6-2018.

Workshops  & Trainings

Yes We Can Peacebuilders offers a 12-session workshop entitled "Engage-Exploring Nonviolent Living" and a 13-week workshop for women entitled "Traveling with the Turtle" produced by Pace e Bene Campaign Nonviolence, as well as courses "Bringing Human Rights to Life" for adults and "Youth for Human Rights" for children. There is also an abbreviated 6-week "Engage" workshop available. Workshops are taught by trained facilitators and are limited to 20 people. Human rights courses are also available for teachers-See the Human Rights page on this web site. Prices vary for participation. Email yeswecanpeacebuilders1@gmail for more information.

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Talk Around the Table is a forum for interested parties to engage in civil discourse on our differences and similarities with a focus on peace and nonviolence. Talks are for participants up to 10 people and last for one and half hours. Topics to be discussed include "Violence versus Nonviolence Today, Dealing with Despair in this Political Climate," and "Women, Where are we Now." Interested parties can contact

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Giving a Speech

Since the pandemic of 2020 Yes We Can Peacebuilders has suspended all workshops, training sessions, and Talk around the Table. We are however offering free group discussion Zoom sessions where we will bring to the online table present day issues occurring in our communities, nation and the world. To be included in these discussions please either fill out your mailing list information below and/or directly email us at We look forward to hearing from you!