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The Truth of Nonviolence from Kazu Haga in SATYA January 2020

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The Great Misunderstanding in SATYA February 2020

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What We Feed (Fear) in SATYA March 2020

Ah! But the True Protest is Beauty and Food, Will We Have It in SATYA April 2020

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Grief and the Pandemic in SATYA May/June 2020


Covid 19 and Yes We Can Peacebuilders in SATYA July 2020

Definitions and Race in SATYA August 2020

The International Day of Peace in SATYA September 2020

Elections-Voting-Oh My! in SATYA October 2020

Also links to Peace Week You Tube Videos

Expressing thanks during a tough year is the topic of the November issue of SATYA

In this issue of SATYA a new term "Transviolence" is discussed and the hope of light for 2021

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Beginnings and Endings and Morro Bay Stands Up for Justice in January 2021 SATYA

We examine our arrogance in "Who Are We" in February 2021 SATYA

As we head slowly out of Covid 19 we reflect on "What is Normal" in SATYA March 2021

Forming a New Nation in SATYA for May 2021

It's the News Blues in SATYA for June 2021