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Bringing Hope to the World

Celebration of International Peace Day for 2022 will occur on Thursday, September 22, 2022 with a Readers Theater presentation of Jane Goodall's book "A Prayer for World Peace" at a gathering around the Peace Pole at the Estero Bay Methodist Church, 3000 Hemlock Avenue, Morro Bay, CA.

Goodall, a United Nations Messenger of Peace and environmental activist wrote a universal message of hope and serenity for all of Earth's inhabitants in this beatiful book illustrated by artist Feeroozeh Golmohammedi of Iran. "We all yearn for a world at peace," wrote Goodall, "We are all horrified and saddened when we think of the violence in the world today - violence against one another and toward the natural world. Together, let us help humanity move to a future when 'The Right of Peoples to Peace' becomes more than a slogan, but rather the foundation of peace."

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